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Several of us got together last night to check out and talk about what was done to [our] home[s] and what [we] experienced.
We were all amazed, blown away, appreciative and very humbled.
-Ms. Sharon E.

With one in nine homeowners unable to cover the cost of basic necessities while also covering the cost of housing, repairs frequently take a back seat. Since 1991, our Safe at Home Program has created a warm, safe and dry environment for nearly 1,500 homeowners in need. For each $1 received, RTCO is able to create a $4 market value to use toward repairs and modifications. Every gift given to our organization is one step closer to serving the thousands of homeowners in need of assistance.

In 2009, RTCO inherited the Tool Library from the City of Columbus and expanded its service to all of Franklin County.  So far, in 2014, we have added added over 700 new members, including more than 20 new non-profit partners, and loaned out over 11,000 tools valued at over $1.3M. The Tool Library is an invaluable resource to homeowners who can do maintenance and repairs themselves, but cannot afford the necessary tools. In-kind donations and gifts to the Tool Library help us maintain inventory and supply residents of Franklin County with the means to live independently.

As I was telling the gentlemen who made my kitchen look ten times better; I am not a crier but looking at my house and knowing what those men did for me tugs at my heart and brings tears to my eyes.
-Ms. Sharon E.

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